Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cost Matters? These Mutual Funds are Killing Me

So as I read John Bogles: Common Sense on Mutual Funds, the theme is clear. Costs hurt long-term returns in actively managed mutual funds when compared with index funds or the market as a whole. Free Money Finance wrote a great article on this and I posted a comment which nicely summarized the issue that I am having now that I am more aware of this concept.

Once you've paid the load and you're in the managed fund, does it make sense to move your money? Where is the tipping point? This issue seems to be particularly difficult if the net amount of percent gain is equal for both funds once you've accounted for expenses. Check out the link to read my comment. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

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Luke said...

I made some mistakes getting into the managed funds when I first started out...Vanguard is simply awesome IMHO...Index funds and you can mix in some of their pricier managed funds which are still well below what you get else where...

The book is quality book on Bogle/Vanguard...I cranked it out in one evening at Barnes and Nobles..