Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to World of Warcraft

It seems that I gave been on this personal finance journey for several years now and over the past several years I have cut, recut, and cut even more expenses. I have focused on insurance and lifestyle, investments an retirement. All of this has been a fantastic set of achievements for me personally.

In fact, given my personal situation, I don't know if anyone could have their financial house in much better shape. I basically rate myself at B plus.

All this has made me realize though that the point of all of this is to have a better quality of life. So, I am working on gettig better at this by starting to purchase selectively.

This year I have bought an iPhone, a new pc, and also now a wow subscription. The new phone has some serious practical applications and before the purchase I used pre paid phones which are nice but are very low end with few features.

The new pc was overdue. My prior pc wad seven years old. The wow subscription seems the most frivolous. But with the cost amortized over the number of hours, forty or fifty cents is a good expense for entertainment.

What have been your expenses? Have you started swinging back toward spending in the midst of all of these good deals?