Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Quantitative Easing Round Three

It appears that we have another round of Quantitative Easing in the works. If you've been listening to any of the money shows over the past several months, you'll note that most of the major players were not anticipating that! However, a recent update from the Bernanke indicates that the possibility of Quantitative Easing Round Three (QE3) is a very real one....but not in the near term. This article from International Business Times does a good job of explaining the thought process around a possible QE3 and why the timing is not likely to be now.

All that being said, the CPI is up and the price of energy is skyrocketing. It is not an easy thing for people to get to work in cars that are not efficient. However, that is not stopping people from certain segments of the political/media spectrum from announcing dirty secrets about Clean Energy. I find that Google News has a great mix of stories from all over and this story -- the increased energy costs is certainly one to watch.

Because of all the things that impact the prices of both stocks and also things we buy every day, the two biggest factors that I can see (and neither of which I can influence) are gas prices and Ben Bernanke's Fed.

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