Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Did I Really Clean Up on this Dyson?

So last night, a glass broke in the kitchen. Not terribly exciting....and actually quite annoying when you really just want to relax and not have to do chores. This quickly turned into a project involving fixing the vacuum cleaner because it was clogged and doesn't get emptied regularly.

This vacuum has been in our house for about 4+ years and has generally done a good job but has had a few rough moments where we really thought it was done. In on circumstance, a plastic piece broke that held the hose and only with a copious amount of super glue did that damage get fixed.

Now that there is a dog in the house in addition to the cat, I really wanted to make sure that I got a vacuum that could handle the pet hair so I chose the lightweight dyson DC24 animal bagless vacuum. I have an amazon card and due to the triple points, I generally prefer to buy items from them. Unfortunately, Walmart had a much better deal where I got a 90 dollar e-gift card for the same product/price.

Whether or not a Dyson is a worthwhile investment remains to be seen, but for now I am pleased to not have to deal with that old vacuum in the near future and it will probably be converted to the garage/car vacuum for now because I have a hard time throwing something away that still "works", but is just a pain to deal with.

Stay tuned and I will post on how I like the new product. And for the record, Dyson has not paid me anything for this post. However, I also think that people should take a look at the Amazon Rewards Visa card if they are good with their credit card payments and paying bills on time. There is currently a 30 dollar instant rebate to sign up for this card. I am quite pleased so far with the flexibility that this card offers by giving extra points for restaurants and gas, two of my largest purchases.

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