Friday, September 16, 2011

A Debt Reduction Christmas

Being debt free is sexy. There. I said it. Nothing is more attractive than someone who has their financial house in order. It often indicates this person is self confident, has drive and motivation,and most importantly, knows how to execute. Who doesn't want to be with someone who knows how to execute?

All that being said, what is the best thing that we can do in terms of reviewing the debt reduction strategy for Christmas. The first, and it bears repeating is that you should reduce spending on Christmas and avoid putting anything on credit cards.

The next two ideas are more novel and could really help with your debt reduction.

1. When you are asked what you want for Christmas say you want some help paying off some debt. Give you friend/relative the address and account number of the bill and have him/her pay an amount equal to your gift. Some might think this is tacky or smells like a hand out but I disagree. This is admitting you need help and directing resources someone wants to freely give to where there is he most good.

2. Ask for food and gas gift cards. Obviously these are things you will be buying anyway and this will free more money in the month after Christmas to pay down debt.

If you try these ideas, you just might have a very happy new year when it comes to your money.

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