Thursday, September 29, 2011

Computer Virus Woes

So, this past weekend I was looking at funny pictures. I highly recommend the site PetsWhoWantToKillThemselves.Com. It had me giggling all day as I kept thinking about some of the photos on there.

At any rate, over the course of the day, I determined that there was some sort of virus, malware, or rootkit installed and my AVG Anti-Virus started going haywire. Wanting to take no chances, I quickly backed up my files and decided it was time to wipe out my computer.

Of course, it is always tempting to try to salvage it to avoid doing crazy reinstalls of everything, but I decided that in this case it would be better to just go for broke. Being an IT guy, I was able to do it myself, but it totally took the whole day, even though there was no real issue or crisis to it. It just takes a really long time. And one thing it made me realize is that I should get back into doing that more often because the money was decent compared to the amount of effort it took.

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