Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its a Dogs Life

So, with the past week there was a big financial change -- a new puppy. So far it has already run over 1500 dollars and there are many more bills to come. To say that it was expensive is a huge understatement; to say that it was totally worth it, is completely true.

For those interested in getting a dog, be aware of the expenses involved with the amount of vet bills and things of that nature. Even the preventative medicine is not cheap. On average, the expenses run about 30 dollars per month for a total of 360 dollars yearly, not even including the vet bill, accessories, food etc. In general, it makes sense to budget about 100 dollars monthly for the dog, and that is what I plan on doing.

As for the enjoyment and exercise and zest for life that it brings, I don't know if there is a price you can really put on it. And that was something that I really didn't understand until this week.

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