Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life Insurance Redux

So, now that I have joined a credit union, I realize that it may be time to once again take a stab at increasing the life insurance coverage. Currently, I have a group term policy through work that is decent and would allow the payoff of a large portion of debt and make things manageable, but I certainly wonder if having a little bit extra might make some difference. The other thing that you never know is what the situation will be with jobs in the future. So, for that reason alone it is tempting to look at more insurance.

This was a pleasant surprise but the thing that I thought which was rather interesting is that this policy is considered group term life and yet there is an application and a lot of medical questions. I am not sure if this is a soft thing or if this is something that really will pan out. Of course, I will need to call them to find out more information on it, but so far, I've gotten a large amount of offers from this Credit Union -- even more than my regular bank.

My original idea behind getting a credit union was the idea that I would be able to get more favorable treatment with respect to the eventual small car loan I expect to take out (More on that later), but I think now that it might be more trouble than it is worth. We'll see.

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