Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The past few weeks I have been watching the mini series "the pacific" on HBO. There are a couple of things that strike me abot this as I was talking to a co worker about this that I thought might be very interesting in terms of personal finance.

The amount of television you watch certainly seems to impact your situation in terms of personal finance. I notice that I watch more tv now than I probably did a year or two ago. I think that some of this is because I haven't played as much poker which I think saves money but I also think that I would be stupid to not consider the productivity aspects of it.

The other aspect of it was simply how easy it is to get caught up in worrying about things that in comparison to soldiers worrying every minute on a battlefield just seem a bit trivial. I hope I can maintain that perspective.

A nice thing that I found out about today was that I have recalculated my household liquid cash and it has now reached the 1 year mark. With additional funds I am looking at Vanguard for no load mutual funds as I keep saving.

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