Friday, April 23, 2010

258 Million Dollars

One of the largest US Lottery prizes in history was claimed recently by a man who works in a small convenience store according to MSNBC. I think that it is pretty amazing when you think about it. Chris Shaw is a guy who is working and can really really use the money. I hope he gets his health and kids taken care of and really is able to improve his long term quality of life for him and his family going forward.

Even at a lump sum, the payment is over 120 Million dollars which is quite respectable. I think that many people would be able to make a serious lifestyle change with anything close to even just a million, so 120 million is impressive.

Many people often feel like winning the lottery is like a curse. It is unfortunate but many people lose their lotto winnings. So the best thing to do in these situations is be slow, deliberate, and have a group of advisors who can really help you manage any kind of dramatic new wealth. With a good plan in place, it is far more likely that the money will be used by you, rather than using you!

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