Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thriving in a bad economy

It has been a very long time since I last updated and I've accumulated some stories that I can share about the past few months in my next several posts. I hope that they will be found to be useful and interesting.

After a very long period of time, the economy has come back. It seems now, although there are some small shifts day to day and week to week, that the stock market has found some sort of steady point. Of course, there are many that think that this could all change and that there is still a chance of a double bottom.

All of this is really a side show in my opinion. What matters most to people is what is happening in their own personal financial life. That is, what is the most important thing in each person's life that keeps them from being happy. For many right now, it is a combination of a lack of a good-paying job and/or an overabundance of expenses.

This past six months has been quite good; expenses remain low and the debt snowball continues as I am working toward paying down my student loan and mortgage. My car which has been paid off for some time continues to run (It's a Toyota) and I am grateful for that. Furthermore, the taxes just got filed and I got a fair return back so I'm quite excited.

My chart on Networth IQ shows the real issue here though...even with all of the recent activity and continued work toward goals, it is still difficult to reach past the prior highs of a couple years ago. However, I continue to contribute and keep the faith that things will be going ok soon. You can keep up with my progress chart here: Net Worth Chart

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