Friday, November 20, 2009

Wrestling with life

So there has been some unexpected family news lately that sort of puts a big question mark on finances for the future. It is a health related issue and as a result there is an outside chance that there could be a shock to the household monthly income.

In anticpation of this possibility the numbers have been run and we could do ok for a long while if things went badly. I will work to avoid that but it has also served to show me how important it is that I continue to practice gratitude. It really helps keep perspective.

Recently I updated my net worth with my new 401k values but I am somewhat skeptical and I realize that all of that money is risk money and it really gives me some reassurance to have some cash on hand and some money in the bank.

For Christmas, I am giving out some bonds to kids in my family who will not be getting gifts. Some kids already have enough toys and the bonds are hopefully a good way for them to learn how to invest.

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