Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out of this world spending?

This morning on the Fox Business network they provided a very interesting infographic that shows the spending on various program by NASA.

I've been convalescing for the past few days and during this time I have been watching the show called the universe. One of the experts from this show appeared and made an appeal for NASA to allocate some of their resources to this important task.

When sold as an insurance policy, it seems like a no brained. Many people think that NASA is important for the value it provides to motivate kids to get interested in math and science. Personally, I am not sure that holds much water. There was no NASA during the time of Newton or Copernicus or gallileo.

Here are the stats:

Space operations: 5.8billion
Science: 4.5billion
Exploration: 3.5billion
Aeronautics: 500million

The amount needed for asteroid servaillence is in the hundred million range total. That is over many years. I think that is good insurance.

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