Thursday, July 30, 2009

The morality of healthcare

Ben Stein wrote a great article on yahoo finance about this topic.;_ylt=AojOTBf8MTYC2QDenJZuT.e7YWsA

In the article he writes:

"A short while ago, I said in a public forum that while I did not doubt that in a society as rich as ours, no one should be denied health care, and that health care was a right, I still had some questions about the administration's plan. This had been my feeling for all of my life, i.e., that health care was a right, and that if necessary, it must be paid for by the taxpayers if some people could not afford it."

Put simply I don't think that simply because the united states is rich compared to other countries that the defenition or right changes.

A right in my opinion is life (this does not imply anything about quality of life), liberty and the persuit of happiness. I also believe strongly in the right to own property and no one elses moral obligation to provide healthcare to everyone should get in the way of that.

I do think that there needs to be some work done to make it more affordable but that doesn't mean giving it to everyone for free. If the government can decide what is a moral obligation and that you can be taxed extra to pay for these services that you don't use, there is no incentive to manage your wealth correctly!

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