Thursday, July 02, 2009

Madoff Madness

One of the more interesting things that happened in the news recently is that Bernie Madoff was finally convicted in what was basically a shut case. Many people have decried the punishment he received though: a hundred and fifty years in prison. His representatives were taken aback by this judgement but it seems reasonable to me.

According to the article I read online, there was not even a single person who wrote to the judge prior to sentencing in support of Madoff. Not his family. Not his friends. In the end it seems that Madoff is utterly alone.

Unfortunately Madoff took a lot of people. And certainly some of these investors should have known better. But, if you even ignore that, aren't we forgetting the people who probably were otherwise involved? I will be much happier when I find out that the accomplices are brought to justice also. Read the news story here.

All that this story does is underscore the fact that people need to be responsible for their own actions. No one else will watch your money for you. And if you end up like madoff you will need to have at least some friends to write letters!

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