Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iPhone as a productivity tool

Finding the right tool to be productive can mean the difference between being average and being a superstar. Although it still feels early, I think that the iPhone is that tool for me. I tried palm pilots and I've played with blackberries. The cost is significant but worth it.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the aspects of the phone that make it entertaining. Bringing games and other aspects of computers together really makes it a productivity tool. So I don't know what else to praise it for. But those are not the real reasons I like it. The very text that I'm typing right now is the reason.

Becoming adept at the keyboard is a bit of a learning curve. Butit is no different than the palm or the blackberry. And the quick composition of text makes the iPhone an all-star.

Now that I have this tool I can always work on something that interests me or even chill out with a game. But more than that, it is all in one. For me that I don't have to carry a separate item like a heavy laptop or notepad is a big deal. It let's me capture data how and when I want to.

My feeling is that this will make your time committing better. Even if you are in the car you can use the voice feature. I've experimented with some of the other features that there are in some of the iPhone applications. And the reality is that the people don't have much good technology to utilize the features. One example is a voice transcription software that I recently bought. The transcription was not stellar and furthermore the transcription took too long to process on the phone.

So, much like he Internet, the apple store is filled with stuff. Much of it is mediocre and the real gems are a rarity. But none of this detracts from the device. In short, if you are a desk worker and most of yorur productivity is done in front of a computer, then I would highly recommend this device to you. I've found that I use it as muh more than just a phone and that there is an incredible amount of time that can be put to good use with this device.

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Leigh in Tennessee said...

Thanks for this post. I'm upgrading from my about to be obsolete Treo 680 next month and I've really been considering the iphone. I was a little afraid of learning to use a device without a dedicated keyboard though. You are definitely swaying me in the iphone direction. BTW, also considering blackberry bold and treo pro.