Saturday, February 28, 2009

Progress Update

Well, like everyone right now, things are a little scary in this economy. So I'll take this opportunity to focus on some good things that are going on with my personal finances. In a huge feat, I've paid off the car loan (a year early). This reduces monthly outflow by 450 dollars (even though I was paying 600/month).

Given the current climate of the job market and the situation with the politics in this country and throughout the world, it seems to me that the safest thing I can do with my money is to pay off debt and give myself more options and mobility.

As for the net worth, that has finally come back a little bit with some big contributions for the 401k and the tax returns. Finally, after many months, its finally starting to come back. I'd encourage anyone who is worried about what to do with your money right now that looking at debt as a place to "store" your money is worth considering if you have a fully funded emergency fund (as I do).

With these changes, the only two outstanding debts that I have to worry about are the mortgage and the last student loan payment. Each debt paid-in-full makes me feel more alive and more grateful for each dollar I make. It is as if I have some sense that more and more of this money that I'm working for is actually mine for keeping and spending on things that I want, rather than making up for things that I've already taken/spent/used.

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