Saturday, January 10, 2009

Counting My Blessings -- And How it Happened

Recently, I got some very good news with regard to work-related compensation. In this economy, and in this troubled time of unemployment, any good news is really great news. So, for us right now, we're looking at a bonus, albeit smaller than expected. In addition, there will be a three percent raise.

So many people are losing their jobs, that there are not situations where people who even have their jobs may not be getting raises or bonuses at all. So, I'm quite grateful. I think that it is important that people are grateful for what they have and realize that this is a time to be even more conservative.

In this regard, I'm practicing what I preach here. And even in a good economy, this type of behavior is a good idea. It will make you more likely to keep your job when times are tough and more likely to get a raise and/or promotion when times are good. I'm convinced that these principals are what has helped me succeed in my current job.

1. Work hard. This is general, but in practical terms it means that you want to be someone who gets the work done, gets it done quickly and correctly.

2. Show initiative. Never say no to new work or challenges at work. If you're concerned about being able to do it, ask for help, but never refuse opportunities.

3. Be Grateful and non-confrontational. You have a job! Regardless of what you're putting up with, it beats being unemployed. While you want to be strong, you want to make sure you're being strong in order to do a good job, not just to be obstinate.

4. Add Value. This is a bit of a cliche, but you generally want to add value to the companies bottom line. No matter what your position is, you can add some value either by saving money or by generating additional revenue. Make sure you work hard on projects that are related to adding value and saving money and take note of your efforts.

5. Track your efforts; other people are. Come in early, stay late. Show that you're putting in extra time on weekends if needed, and never complain about the commute or extra hours. If you do this consistently, you're in much better shape. Other people may notice when you leave early so make sure that your work is without reproach and you'll be able to succeed.

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