Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prepare for the worst

Normally, I try to keep things upbeat here in this blog. Today I want to remain positive while still taking on an important and difficult issue, namely, job loss.

Personally, I am quite fortunate. I have not lost my job and no one that I know has lost theirs either. Recently I read a poll on the website that showed close to 75% of the people have either lost a job themselves or know a close friend or family member who has.

Dealing with unexpected job loss after it happens is a topic that could easily span many posts. Here, I will focus on steps you should take if you suspect you may be vulnerable.

First, and this is a good idea all the time, is to try to remain positive. Negative thoughts and actions help no one.

Second, prepare a disaster list of steps. This should be a list of luxuries or lifestyle adjustments which you would start as soon as you lost your job.

Update your resume and reconnect with old friends, collegues, and extended family to help a job search.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

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