Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Money Magazine Makes Cents

For several months I've been reading money magazine. While I thought initially that it was a good option, I felt that it was a little bit junior for the more seasoned pf enthusiast like myself.

In reality, I think it is a difficult market right now for pf. The market is down and asset classes have been hammered everywhere.

The majority of places are talking about harvesting losses and doing rebalancing while avoiding wash sales.

These make for interesting chat but it is not new. This month's issue of money mentioned an interesting topic though which might be worth considering.

Put simply, people who have converted to a roth ira earlier in the year may want to switch back to the type of account they had preiously to save tax costs if their accounts have tanked.

I will leave the process of finding the article in the Jan 2009 issue as an exercise for the reader. Even though this doesn't apply to me, it was still great info.

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