Monday, August 25, 2008

I Was Completely Snowed

So, tonight on my way home, I needed to get some gas. I pulled in off the highway and stopped at a small gas station and figured I was in for a good 45 bucks to fill my tank. I squeezed the pump and let my mind wander and then the pump popped because the tank was full. I hung up the pump and looked at the price and was shocked. It was less than 40 bucks to fill my tank.

Normally, when you pay less for something, it is a thrill. And I was quite pleased as I pulled away. The annoyance only came once I realized that I was so happy. I was completely snowed. After months of paying higher gas prices -- prices that were around four dollars per gallon -- it felt great to pay 3.60.

This is not a blessing or a deal though. This is still painfully expensive. And I don't think that these temporary decreases in price are a very good indication that we'll have cheap fuel for long. I'm with other people that think that our heating bills this winter will be significantly more than we had paid last year.

Call my view cynical, but I think that this was just a breath of air before we plunge back into the long hard increase in gas prices. And I for one am not going to take this level of prices for granted long term.

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