Sunday, June 08, 2008

Loan Payoff

Well, with a recent windfall, it was possible to retire a significant bill which was costing about 250 minimum in cash flow each month. However, this was a bill that was being paid extra on, so strictly speaking, this is more like a 500 dollar increase in monthly cash flow. Getting debts paid off is really great for three reasons. The first reason is the increase in cash flow.
The second reason it is great to pay off debts is the emotional feeling. In reality, the debtor really is a slave to the lender. And I know that people will feel that this is a somewhat dramatic stance to take, but I feel like it is true. Each time I pay off a debt, I feel more and more free.
Finally, the great thing about paying things off is knowing that it is over. In a strange way, finishing a debt is like crossing the finish line on a long race. And when extra income comes in, it is like a windfall, a burst of energy that cannot be missed.

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