Friday, October 05, 2007

Final Payment Soon

So, today I should be depositing a check that will allow me to make
the final payment for loan #2 for college. I will be using this
combined with some other miscellaneous income that I've transferred
over from my paypal account. And then there was one.

That one that is left is a biggie, but simply getting these things
paid off gives a huge sense of accomplishment. In retrospect, I think
that the transfer to a zero percent credit card was a great idea. It
gave me the opportunity to actually accumulate some forward momentum
since I wasn't fighting the tide of interest.

As for me, I went out to a celebratory dinner last night in honor of
the achievement.

Next up is my car loan. And with just over 3000 dollars left,
something tells me that I'll be paying that off early as well.

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