Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Don't Waste Time

Ok, I will admit it up front. This post is a short rant, but a rant
with some practical tips and ideas.

Frequently in my life I get bombarded by situations where my time is
wasted. And I cannot let it roll off my back all of the time. In fact,
it is probably one of my biggest pet peeves that people waste my time
without a good reason.

If I am going to be meeting you somewhere and you don't show up at the
time you said you would and don't let me know ahead of time, you're
wasting my time.

If I am going to be doing some work for you and you had told someone
else to do the same work and we both do it, you're wasting my time.

If I am waiting to make a turn and the person on the other side of the
road coming toward me has no turn signal running and then makes the
same turn as me, he's wasting my time. I could have went already,
except I had to wait because he/she didn't tell me what he/she was
planning to do.

Wasting other people's time for no reason is rude.

Key Ideas:

1. Personally, I really try to apply the golden rule to time. For me,
time can be just as valuable as money, and sometimes even more
valuable. Regardless of what people do with their time, it is probably
valuable to them.

2. Each time you interact with someone and you need something from
them, be aware of the time constraints. If you are not 100% sure about
when you need it done by, or how long it will take to get done, ask
those questions. It makes it much easier on everyone if expectations
are set up front which can be met.

3. Once you have expectations set, it is critical that as things
happen which change impact time that the information is communicated
as soon as possible to everyone involved. This gives people the
maximum amount of time to adjust.

4. Make sure that you let people know that you don't just appreciate
that they do something for you, but also that you know they are busy
and you appreciate the time that they spent on it, even if they are
not super busy. Calling attention to the sacrifice of time will likely
make them more aware of your time as well.

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