Friday, September 21, 2007

The Importance Of Resources

I've never been more aware of how precious your precious resources can be until very recently. For me, my most precious resources are my health and my time. Thankfully, I am in good health overall. My time, however, has become extremely scarce and that has had a direct impact on my financial situation, for the good and the bad.

The Good

The reason I am so short on time is that my full-time job has become hectic. I've had the opportunity to prove my worth and I've been subsequently rewarded and recognized for that work. The nice rewards come at a price though. And when your already-scarce resources are depleted even further, you start to wonder what the true value of those resources are.

The Bad

This brings me to the bad part of being so busy. The lack of time has really forced me to divert the focus that I had on my other side projects which were devoted toward passive and multiple income streams and get back into all-in-one bucketing in terms of income. This doesn't provide enough diversification for me. In some ways, I'd trade 60$ from one large income source for $50 at another in some cases. The trade off for more diverse sources of income is worth it to me. I feel more comfortable that way.

The Not-So-Ugly

For me at the moment, this is a problem. I have too much work to do. For many people, this is a "high class" problem. Its much like having too much money or a house that is too big that you don't have time to clean it. I can complain, but it starts to seem somewhat pale in comparison to people who are starving.

Conserving your resources, especially scarce ones, is key, however. Personally, I am managing this by taking time off and resetting expectations. If there are commitments that I cannot escape, I will commit and do them. If there are things that can be re prioritized or altered, I will do that. All of this is done with excellent communication. In that vein, I would like to thank people for continuing to check this blog. And although the posts will be rather sparse in the upcoming months through Christmas, I would like to thank you for visiting.

There's lots more for us to learn and it should be an exciting ride.

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