Friday, July 06, 2007

How Much I Ate

Recently, I was totally shocked at the fact that the price of milk in my local supermarket went up over 4 dollars per gallon. Granted, it was a brand, not the generic (which still hung dangerously close around 3.80), but still this seemed crazy. And recently, I was calculating my budget and it appears that I was spending on average about 50 dollars per week on food. This seemed a little nuts. And this doesn't really even include the coffees and food that I buy outside of the office or home.

This brought me to think about how much (in terms of cost), that I was eating. So, I have recounted all of the food I ate during a day in the not too distant past to give you an idea of what I am dealing with here. And I really have to confess that I don't eat as well as I should, all the time. But frankly, who can afford to eat right if 60 bucks a week barely gets me this...?

 .33 corn
1.29 1/2 pesto sauce mix
 .60 pasta
 .20 olive oil
 .50 milk
1.50 cereal
 .05 filtered water
 .35 plum
 .35 ice cream sandwich
1.79 dunkin donuts coffee
4.29 leftover calzone

Grand Total: 11.30
Even without the take out type food, it is still over 5 bucks...and I didn't even eat that much that day!

So, as an exercise, you might consider estimating the costs of what you are eating. It is interesting to consider not only how much of the food was healthy, but also how much money you spent on home food versus food bought away from home.

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