Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Exercise and Finding More Income

Well, I've hopefully given myself enough time off so that my body can heal. I started yesterday with extremely light exercise and I am planning on working my way back up. It has taken a huge amount of self-control to not do something for these past 10 days. I feel like I am missing out somehow by not doing anything really active.

Today I am able to get out a little bit early and I plan to meet some friends this afternoon, but I will be using the time until then to work on some pet projects that have been brushed aside lately with the hope that they will eventually yield me some additional income.

My consulting work has been rather slow, of late. And the my situation with side work may well be drawing to a close so it is critical for me to find additional sources of income in the near future so that I can continue my debt repayment. Again, this is not money needed for expenses, but only to continue accelerating my plan of getting out of debt fast.

Additional Income Pain

Originally I had hoped that elance and other sites would be a good way to get additional jobs but I am finding that the difficulty I experience when browsing those sites is not terribly unique. I personally have a hard time when I have to compete with people who can afford to work doing technical or design jobs for 5 or 10 dollars an hour. That just isn't worth it for me. Apparently, this is a similar issue for other people who use these services. I'm looking for quick hit jobs that can generate income, but not tie me up for months or years into the future unless I choose to be. I like the freedom that comes with doing this kind of work on the side. But I wouldn't want to be stuck doing these side projects for main income.

Doing What Works

My personal experience is that getting clients really requires referrals (which I've had success with) and also doing high-quality work that serves as a reference. This is also doable, but can be frustrating depending on your clients. The advantage of price is simply over. There are way too many people in Asia or Eastern Europe who will do the same work for pennies on the dollar. I don't begrudge these people for doing the work; its great if they can do it. I simply need to focus on doing things that will grow my opportunities for side income rather than repeating the same cycles which lead to low levels of reward.

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