Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coffee or Freedom?

I'm back off Dunkins. Well, sort of. Since things were going so well lately in terms of finances, I found myself getting a little bit too comfortable with my morning coffee routine. If you add it up, its about an extra 10-12 dollars per week that I was spending on my morning cuppa. Then in the afternoons, I might run down and get a starbucks as well. Another 6-8 bucks per week. All told, I was spending close to 20 dollars per week just on coffee or tea! This seemed ridiculous to me even without any of the latte factor hype.

In the end, I've decided that I will try to switch back to my old ways of making coffee at work. I use the coffee-single "tea-bag" type coffee. Its not as good as Dunkins, that is for sure. But, I think that in the long run I will be happier knowing that I didn't waste 20 dollars a week on something that I really didn't need to have every day.

I think that once I get rid of all my non-mortgage debt, I will be more relaxed about these things, but for me, getting out of debt is something that makes me much happier than a cup of coffee.

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Kevin said...

That one was a big one for my wife and I as well. We'd pick up breakfast together on the way to work at our local (and most excellent) coffee shop, Open Eye Cafe.

The problem was that we spent $12-13 a day for two mocha lattes, a muffin, bagel, and a donation to the tip jar.

$12. 5 days a week. 50 weeks per year.


We came to our senses (eventually). I bought a coffee pot for my office at a neighbor's garage sale and take my breakfast and lunch every day now.

No wonder we've paid off so much debt in recent months...