Monday, July 09, 2007

Back On The Horse: Gardening and Exercise

This weekend was quite nice for me. I was able to wrap up several projects and get some plans made for new ideas that I am working on. My goal is to generate enough extra income to get my loan (see my NCN chart on the right) down enough to be paid off around tax return time 2008.

I reread Rich Dad last week and again, I found it inspiring. I think it is a great book for people who are looking for inspiration to be entrepreneurial. I'm not particularly fond of the real estate ideas in the book, though. But I think that is more of a personal preference than a statement about the ideas themselves.

I started exercising again and I am happy to be able to return to that. If I can avoid straining any muscles like that ever again, I will be happy. The upside of not exercising was that I was able to catch up on my reading and I've been tearing through the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the movies. I am curious to see how they try to capture so much detail and action into a short movie, once it comes out.

As for gardening, things are going well and my lettuce is growing best of all of my vegetables and will be ready for harvesting in about two more weeks. With any luck, that will give more space for my pepper plants which are in the same pot, to grow more and still have time to yield some peppers before the end of the season. Like anything, I've learned quite a bit this year with planting vegetables and I am looking forward to an amazing garden next year, now that I've learned so much.

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