Monday, May 07, 2007

Paypal Has Advantages

Not long ago I signed up for a paypal account. I've used the internet for years but I didn't usually buy stuff online so I didn't find using my credit card to be that inconvenient. Furthermore, I didn't really like the idea of someone else holding on to my money. It made me nervous because paypal is somewhat of an amorphous thing. But now with the advent of internet banking, I don't find it quite as concerning.

Paypal has decent interest rates so I feel comfortable leaving some of my money there instead of worrying about transferring it around to get a good interest rate elsewhere. And what's more, paypal offers equifax credit alerts for free. Since I have become more and more aware of identity theft, it was only natural that this sounded like a good service. Sure, its an opportunity for Equifax to monitor me a little better and market more products, but I don't really mind.

I mean, its not like they don't have my information already.

As I use the service more, I will talk about it further, but for now, I am just optimistic.

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Michael Durnack said...

Be sure nobody and I mean nobody obtains your account information. That includes friends and relatives, who have been known to clean out accounts once the login information is obtained.

And also beware of Paypal phishing emails which are the most bothersome item that Paypal faces with theft of user accounts today.

Those are the ones that tell you your account is in jeopardy of being closed....etc. Login here to verify your info. People get hit with this every day.

Paypal openly stated that it is up to the users to keep the login information confidential.

If you can't control the information, then they can't stop a theft.