Monday, April 09, 2007

Net Worth Surprises

So, I went to the mail this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to open up one of the statements and find that a retirement account had twice as much as I thought it had. I don't know if I messed up the spreadsheet I track with or something, but I was quite pleased when I plugged in the updated numbers. This month's net worth entry is going have a nice bump and I am excited.

And is it me, or is the market doing quite nicely? I just checked and on the year I am averaging about 5% in my retirement accounts. That is not too shabby; granted, you can make that in a savings account, but if it continues to grow at that rate I should easily get to over 10% on the year which is my target.


Zachary said...

Is it a 401(k) company match?

EasyChange said...

Zachary, no. Unfortunately, I have no company match to my 401k. And I've never had one at any of my jobs. So this makes it doubly important for me to make sure that spending and saving stay on track. Thanks for the comment!