Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monthly Net Worth Entry

Well its that time again. I've updated my spreadsheet and things are progressing along quite nicely. Currently, net worth is up about 1% over last month. This is largely due to savings deposits and such and was not really helped much by the fact that the market has been rather so-so of late. Most of this increase has been in the retirement accounts due to regular contributions.

But since I don't think I've really broken this down here before, and I think it is interesting data...

Percentage of Total Net Worth

Home Equity: ~40%
Retirement : ~40%
Auto: ~10%
Stuff/Cash: ~10%

Of course, this is going to change over time, I hope. It certainly doesn't feel very diversified to have nearly 1/2 of the total net worth to be tied up in a property, but then again, its home. So in that sense, it is totally worth it.

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