Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google Introduces New Feature: Gmail Paper

Google has introduced a brand new feature. They are allowing all of their users to actually print out all of their emails AND photos and have them shipped via regular post to you for no charge. Of course, the downside is that they need to make the money for this service to operate so they have decided to sell advertising on the "backside" of the documents and photos that are printed. But considering how cool this feature is, I am really excited to get my first photos.

Using gmail paper is very easy. Once you go to check your gmail, you will see advertising for it. Then you can learn more about it. But once you have signed in to your email, you must enable options under settings in order to get it to work. Obviously, the main thing that they need is your physical address so that they can send you the stuff. All in all, seems like a great service.

(btw, this is all a joke; it is google's April Fools Day Joke. If you want to read more, check this link: )

Happy April Fools Day



hardy har har, lol

Zachary said...

Got a good laugh out of this one when I checked my email yesterday.