Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Casey Serin Gets Saved?

I had a moment around lunchtime today so I figured I'd check out Casey Serin's blog. Casey Serin. You know, that guy who bought like 7 properties using shady (if not completely fake) information to get the loans and is now stuck between a rock and proverbial hard place when it comes to moving forward financially.?. Anyway, he writes on his blog that he is going to be getting some help from Suze Orman. I watch Suze's show though and I didn't see him on there so I must have missed the episode he was on.

But in regard to the meetup of these two personalities, one commenter on Casey's blog seemed quite concise. A commenter named Segfault writes -- "Her financial advice is not always top-tier, but I'd rate her far above Robert Kiyosaki. I'd rate her below John Bogle, Ben Stein, and William Bernstein. That said, and not even having heard her specific advice to you, I think you should take her advice, because it will probably be the best you've gotten so far, and because you probably won't."

On the one hand, this stuff really sets my hair on fire, but then I just chuckle and try to not get too worked up about it. Nothing like this is worth damaging my health after all. ;)

If you want to read the post and all of the juicy comments (this guy gets major comments) check it out here.


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