Friday, February 02, 2007

Evaluating Income

One of the most interesting things that I've seen recently is the idea that people are actually tracking the percentage of their incomes across various income streams. That is, they are tracking how much they make at each job etc.

Personally, almost all of my income comes from my primary job (about 95%), which is one of the things that is generally frowned upon. I'd like to really work this upcoming year on developing more passive sources of income. Income that doesn't require my intervention or my physical presence would be ideal. Real estate is the one that often comes to mind, but dividend paying stocks might be more reasonable for me so far.

Not long ago, I wanted to get into buying a few shares of individual stocks and I bought a few shares of HD stock and its gone up a fair bit so that I've made about 12% on it so far. But right now I have no intention of selling. I bought it for the long-haul, not for the short-term gain.

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