Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Taxes Underway, Cleaning the Checking Account

Despite being out-of-my-mind busy this weekend, I still somehow managed to clean the house and also get started on my taxes. About 95% of the information is into the system now but it appears that I might have forgotten to include the information from my paypal account. It was interesting to discover that interest on bank accounts may still be taxable even if you didn't get a 1099 for it; in fact the 1099 limit appears to be 10 dollars from the information I was reading.

Monthly Sweep

One of the new techniques that I've adopted this year is to put some padding into the budget and then clean things up by sweeping some of the extra money out into the linked savings account at the end of the month; once I do that tomorrow I will be ready to start putting together the end-of-month figures for January 2007. I wonder how common this technique is. Do many of you use it?

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