Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tax Time Underway

Like many other pf bloggers out there, I am already starting to think about my taxes and what the implications of the changes at the IRS will do to my tax return. At any rate, since I have been good lately at getting a jump on certain things, I have actually already signed in and gotten myself started with my tax return.

I don't have all of the figures yet, but I got a list of the items that I will need. And thankfully, I have been good so far about keeping receipts and also categorizing my business purchases as I go so that I can make sure that there are no crazy 10 hour sessions while doing this thing.

And even more good news is that my company is now using an ADP on-line tool for paychecks which means that I will be able to get my w2 information electronically...long before the traditional mailed copy. And since I just logged into my ING account and they make it easy to send the refund there directly, this makes me even happier :)

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