Thursday, January 05, 2006

Goals For the New Year

Well, its January 5th, so its about time I stated, for the record, what my goals are for this year.

My big focus is to keep working toward being healthier. That is my resolution, if you could call it that. I'd like to eat more and more healthy food, which I have been doing fairly well. I am a total junk food junkie so it is a little difficult for me. My most recent decent into sinful food is my morning splurge on Dunkin Donuts.

It is a problem; and one that I didn't have until my company switched the brand of the free coffee that they bought. It is just awful and I can't stand it. So I buy a coffee in the morning which is killing my money supply and also packing on some extra calories since it is more loaded with sugar and cream than what I would normally make for myself.

Staying On Track With Exercise has been a big issue as well. I find that I cannot stay on a regimen for a very long time, but perhaps if I do a chart and put it on the fridge or something, that might help. But I think that is what I will do. Maybe that will be enough to keep me motivated. More than anything, it is just a test of willpower.

I'm still not sure about Getting a bike. I haven't bought one yet. Part of me thinks that I am just being greedy for wanting to get a new one since there are a couple of used bikes in my garage that I could probably get tuned up for under 40 bucks. So maybe I am just looking for an excuse to waste more money. Either way though, it would definitely help to have some alternate ways to exercise.

Short List of Resolutions/To Dos

  • Do *something* with regard to estate planning

  • Continue financial reviews with parents etc.

  • Keep budget/spreadsheet in line and updated

  • Make at least the following planned contributions to retirement: 500 roth, 2600 401k.

  • Pay at least 4000 dollars off my student loan debt, getting it down to 2500 or less(1) and completely pay off my little student loan(2)

  • Transfer the loan from above to a zero percent card before interest kicks in

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