Thursday, September 21, 2006

Progress Report

I figured since I've been doing this blog for a few months, it would be worth taking a look at what we've accomplished:

1. First credit card completely paid off (over 1500 balance)
2. Second credit card almost paid off (only 435 dollars left after this month's payments)
3. Working more side jobs to generate additional income
4. Opened up a few accounts to start investing and building assets.
5. Opened up an ING Savings account and have already earned close to 50 dollars in interest.

In the next six months I would like to
1. Get financial paperwork organized and ready to execute (will/trust? and power of attorney etc)
2. Finish paying off credit cards
3. Rebuild savings accounts to have at least 4000 dollars in savings + money for goals.
4. Save enough to go on vacation without putting anything on a credit card or any kind of pay-over-time.
5. Pay for christmas on a 500 dollar budget and pay cash for everything.

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