Saturday, September 23, 2006

Only Eat Half of the Pizza

It sounds really silly, but very often I am ordering pizza out. However, there was often a desire to buy a full large pizza for each person, even though it was probably more than was needed.

Recently in our house, we've gotten better at this and we split one pizza. It controls the amount of the food that we eat so that we dont go overboard in terms of calories etc AND it saves money since one pizza is not being bought. After we eat our portion, we are often satisfied but not overstuffed and it was just the right amount.

So, when purchasing any kind of take-out food, really consider whether or not the amount you are ordering is realistic. No one cares if you split something when you are eating at home.

What's more, some people can really take this advice to the bank when New Years rolls around. There's always too much leftover chinese food!

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