Friday, September 29, 2006

I want even Easier Change!

The title of my blog here is easy change but recently I might have bit off more than I could chew. I stopped playing World Of Warcraft. Although it was a bit of a difficult decision, I think that it is for the best over the long run. It will save me money, close to two hundred dollars a year, in fact. And what's more, I am spending more time taking care of the chores, working, and exercising.

This brings me back to one of my original wants when I started this blog not long ago though, which is a new bike. Since walmart has them at prices under 100 dollars, and I've been doing really well lately with money, working, and might be the perfect little purchase.

I will say this though. I do hope that I can keep this up and not get too overwhelmed. I think that the key to this is to make sure that I am still enjoying myself doing what I am doing. And the nice thing is that I've replaced WOW with not just one activity (work), but also some different extra activities that I wasn't doing very much of before (like exercise).

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Wilks said...

Excellent choice. I stopped playing over a year ago and I dont regret it one bit. Thanks for posting on Highest Echelon