Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time Management is Key

At a previous job, I used to have a very very long commute. I was driving about 90 minutes to work and sometimes close to 2 hours home in the evening commute because of traffic. At this point in my life, I already had a side business and found this to be quite frustrating because I felt that my time was being wasted -- and it was!

Surprisingly, most people do not use time efficiently. I am not suggesting that we are not productive enough; in fact, I think that sometimes we are too work-oriented. Instead, I am suggesting that we use time wisely.

We waste hours each week accomplishing nothing. And this 'lost time' is often the source of stress because we then still try to rush and get everything done in increasingly less time. Now what if you could get more done, in less time, and then even have time to spare?

With some simple techniques, tricks, and some practice, you will find it is possible to create time where there was none before. Check back here as I explore some tips and tricks I've used to make more out of my time.

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