Friday, April 14, 2006

Learn a New Word Every Day

Personally, I run a side-business of doing web design and fixing computers. This is one of my inspirations for this blog. For my day job, I am an applications developer/analyst, again doing websites mostly. In both of these situations, I constantly find myself learning. If you don't learn or experience something new everyday, what are you doing?

I like learning new words. Vocabulary is something that is highly underrated. You don't need to be brilliant or have a fifteen ways to say something. But a diverse vocabulary can provide not just more ways of saying something. It can, in fact, provide you with more ways of thinking about something.

Becoming aware of vocabulary is not easy though. Personally, I find that I enjoy speaking and writing simply. But occasionally, it is nice to have options. If you want to learn a new word every day, go to's site for their word of the day (launches in new window). Go there and bookmark it and check it every day or two. You will be shocked at how quickly your vocabulary grows, just by learning a word every day.

And if you are ever reading and find that you don't know the word's meaning, look it up. I also like Google for this; a search query on Google of define:constellation will provide links to definitions of the word constellation. This is something that is quite simple, since many people already use Google frequently.

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